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One of the best things about digital is that you’re able to advertise to people who are already looking for what you’re selling. Google revolutionised the way people research and make decisions by connecting users with the most relevant answers to their questions, you. So with the importance of search comes the science of ranking on search engines – Search Engine Optimisation.
Consistently organic traffic sources offer some of the strongest, highest converting, best performing traffic available. In the short term SEO comes as an investment to your business, however after your marketing strategy is connected to your organic ranking performance you continue to see exponential growth in organic traffic.

So you have two options,
1. You can pay Google to temporarily put an ad to one of your web pages at the top of people’s searches online, and pay per click on your ad.
2. You can try and appear there naturally, it’s free and because of Google’s reputation for relevant results, people will trust you for appearing there.
However the problem is lots of your competitors have had the same idea, and with a finite amount of space per page on Google you need to do more than hope Google finds you relevant. You need to tip the scales in your favour.

So what goes into ranking? SEO is nothing new to the world of digital and has been practiced by professionals since people started to monetise search. The challenge for SEOers is to stay ahead of the game as Google is constantly adjusting its search algorithm.
With all these aspects of SEO our team works to align them as much as possible with your existing marketing efforts to amplify the effect of everything you do on your organic performance.
While it’s important to rank for your industries high traffic keywords, Consider iProspect also add an additional level of business analytics to our SEO strategy, ensuring we’re trying to rank for the keywords that will give you the greatest business impact. With over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, how effective your SEO is will determine whether your brand credibility rises above the rest. Beyond the usual SEO offering, we recommend changes that will create positive user experience and brand affinity. Consider iProspect SEO is unquestionably one of the top market leaders in Search Engine Optimisation in Southeast Asia, delivering global quality output synonymous with iProspect London, New York and Sydney.

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