There’s no better way to make your brand more accessible than to amplify it on social media.

People interact with brands as much as the people they know. Social media is the perfect space to humanise a brand. The best way a client can influence the customer journey towards a purchase decision is through Consider iProspect’s CRM-oriented Social Media services. We understand that customer purchase cycles are not linear anymore, and at every point between deciding to purchase and actually experiencing the product, the customer goes to Social media for information, affirmation and experience. This is how we see Social impacting customer decision making pre, during and post purchase.

Taking into account your brand’s objectives and profit goals, our digital narration and storytelling works across all platforms. We measure your brand’s objectives and profit goals against insights from social listening. Our digital storytelling and social response management guarantees successful audience interactions across multiple platforms. We work closely with our performance, creative and analytics departments to ensure social fits into the bigger digital ecosystem. Our social media services cover audit and consultation, community building and management, advocacy and training, social ads, photos and videos.

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Discover how Consider iProspect leveraged social media to grow Spotify’s digital fan base and enhance engagement.

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